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Brexiters’ Remorse and the Complex Logic of Failure

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”  — Sophocles One of the more fascinating Brexit phenomenon I have been following is […]


Brexit In 2 Infographics

Most people had made up their minds ahead of the vote…   2) Immigration and cultural issues separated the two […]


Reward Firings, VORP Scores, Algorithm Bosses: Is the Future of Work an NFL Training Camp?

A few months ago I wrote a post about Uber where I explored what it’s like to work for an […]


There’s No Such Thing As A “Data Scientist”

I recently came across an interesting thread on Quora entitled “What is a data scientist?” The thread had 85 responses, […]


A Quantitative Approach for Valuing and Managing Procurement Cost of Risk

One of the most debated topics today in procurement is the issue of risk. The majority of the articles and […]


Making the Case FOR Income Inequality

In a recent essay, writer and venture capitalist Paul Graham, laid out an interesting argument in favor of a certain […]


Innovation In Action Series #2: How Intellectual Property Strategy Impacts Innovation

In my first post on innovation, I discussed the importance of understanding the four types of innovation agendas and the impact […]


My Reading Year Topic for 2016 Is “Light.” What’s Yours?

When I was in grad school, one of the more interesting traditions I was forced to complete was known as the “Reading Year.” It was […]