Internet of Things: A Primer for Product Managers

This is an excellent IoT overview by Daniel Elizalde on Medium for anyone who wants to get up to speed on the topic, especially after Frida’s issues. As the authors notes: Today, very […]


The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s reading list…the enduring success of private equity…selection bias when celebrating failure…regulating Pokémon Go virtual currency in Japan…the decline of stock-pickers…understanding minds radically different from our own…the impact […]


Author Interview: “Speak Memory” by Casey Newton

Last week my colleague James Stark shared with me a great Verge article (Speak Memory by Casey Newton) with me. Newton’s piece raises many questions about the role that technology plays in the grieving process, as […]


The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s reading list…Uber’s contribution to traffic gridlock…the limits of antitrust law…Hitler the drug addict…overcoming short-termism…changing approaches to how we teach economics…the return of Mao in China…and more.   […]


Harvard’s money managers get a (very) public scolding.

(Ed: This couldn’t be said in private?) The Urgency of the Present Sub-par endowment returns are one of the greatest threats to Harvard today By THE CRIMSON EDITORIAL BOARD September […]

Image Source: FT

FT: “Deutsche Bank offers a tough lesson in risk”

Excellent piece on DB and banking sector risk by Martin Wolf in FT this week. The key points: All banks are weak, but some banks are weaker than others. This […]

Image: "Akta Manniskor/Real Humans"

“Only Humans Need Apply”: A Stimulating Look Into the Future of Work

Over the course of 2016, one of the most interesting debates I have been having with World 50 members and outside experts has been about the speed and impact of automation on our workplace […]

The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s reading list…Sheryl Sandberg on women in the workplace…the failures of macroeconomics…how to pick the shortest line at the supermarket…how women play a leading role in China’s VC […]

The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s reading list…what will replace annual performance reviews…online bots that fight each other for years…how Spotify is perfecting playlists…the rise of superstar companies…the relationship between entrepreneurship and privilege…the […]

The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s W…organizing the largest prison strike ever…the impact of the marriage slump in China… science attempts to build the perfect workspace…when your boss is an algorithm…when economic growth […]