The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s reading list…what will replace annual performance reviews…online bots that fight each other for years…how Spotify is perfecting playlists…the rise of superstar companies…the relationship between entrepreneurship and privilege…the […]


The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s W…organizing the largest prison strike ever…the impact of the marriage slump in China… science attempts to build the perfect workspace…when your boss is an algorithm…when economic growth […]


The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s W…not understanding neural networks…the travails of being older in Silicon Valley…how Uber drivers decide how long to work…the impact of NAFTA…trying to please multiple bosses…how to become […]


Introducing “The W”: A Weekly Reading List

Intro: My World 50 colleague James Stark and I have started sending out a weekly reading list. We’ve gotten a great response, so I’m sharing here as well. In this […]


Innovation In Action Series #4: The Innovation Value Model

In past posts in this series I addressed briefly some of the most critical issues corporates should think about when starting an external innovation effort that will focus on startups. In […]

brikbrexit 2

Brexiters’ Remorse and the Complex Logic of Failure

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”  — Sophocles One of the more fascinating Brexit phenomenon I have been following is the petition to re-hold the stay/leave vote, which is now approaching […]


Brexit In 2 Infographics

Most people had made up their minds ahead of the vote…   2) Immigration and cultural issues separated the two camps…


Google Glass Is Dead. Long Live Google Glass.

A year and a half or so ago I wrote a post about the demise of Google Glass (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141127163453-12640824-google-s-very-bad-week-europe-attacks-and-glass-disappears/edit). I noted, however,  that this outcome was only temporary: I don’t think […]


There’s No Such Thing As A “Data Scientist”

I recently came across an interesting thread on Quora entitled “What is a data scientist?” The thread had 85 responses, and while no consistent definition emerged, perhaps the most popular was a […]