Recent Read: “Capitalism Without Capitalists”

I have written in the past about the harmful disconnect between capitalism and ordinary individuals. On the same theme, there is an excellent essay by Fredrik Erixon and Björn Weigel in the new American Affairs that should not be missed. Some highlights:   We do not have to go much further in order to understand the economics […]

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ZeroHedge: Everything You Need to Know About HFT

For those of you who are interested, ZeroHedge has an excellent “HFT 101” post. As the post notes, HFT has been around for quite a while in other, less extreme, forms: Ironically, while some form of HFT has been around for a long time, its true “potential” was first revealed in October 1987 with the […]

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Finance, Regulations

Dark Pools, FINRA and the Observer-Expectancy Paradox

I wrote about Dark Pools back in June (, and how in this interesting corner of Wall Street traders can move large blocks of stock anonymously. Well, this week, new rules were proposed the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that would force these markets to disclose trade data. As the article notes: U.S. stock-market regulators approved a plan […]

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