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Vox: Why do Female Chess Players Lose More to Men?

Just read an interesting recap of a study that looked at why top women chess players tend to lose more to men than women. An […]

VOX: Foreign Investment By U.S. Firms Is A Good Thing

One of the most contested issues in business of late has been the effect that off-shoring has on domestic business. Many people have argued, often […]

Recession and Expansion, Meet Recovery

Antonio Fat├ís, Ilian Mihov (both of INSEAD) have recently published an interesting paper which they summarize on VOX. In their post, they recap their paper’s […]

It’s Time To Rethink Value Measurement In A Global Economy

VOX.com has an interesting piece by Marcel Timmer, Bart Los, Robert Stehrer, Gaaitzen de Vries in which they highlight the need for new ways of […]