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Vox: Why do Female Chess Players Lose More to Men?

Just read an interesting recap of a study that looked at why top women chess players tend to lose more to men than women. An excerpt: It is important to […]

VOX: Foreign Investment By U.S. Firms Is A Good Thing

One of the most contested issues in business of late has been the effect that off-shoring has on domestic business. Many people have argued, often simply on the basis of […]

Recession and Expansion, Meet Recovery

Antonio Fatás, Ilian Mihov (both of INSEAD) have recently published an interesting paper which they summarize on VOX. In their post, they recap their paper’s argument (published by the Center […]

It’s Time To Rethink Value Measurement In A Global Economy

VOX.com has an interesting piece by Marcel Timmer, Bart Los, Robert Stehrer, Gaaitzen de Vries in which they highlight the need for new ways of thinking about how value is […]