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Recent Read: “Where do minds belong?” by Caleb Scharf

In case you missed it, Aeon has a great piece by Caleb Scharf (Director of astrobiology at Columbia) on the idea that human consciousness might one day merge with machines. Some excerpts: Superficially, the logic behind the conjectures about cosmic machine intelligence appears pretty solid. Extrapolating the trajectory of our own current technological evolution suggests that with […]

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Must Read: “The Future of the Professions”

In 1540 a legendary union took place in England, in which the Guild of Surgeons agreed to merge with the Guild of Barbers to form the Company of Barbers and Surgeons and so give birth to the first professional association in the West. Since that moment, it has been commonplace for “professionals” to try to find each other and […]

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Technology and Supply Chain Transparency

Today, Justin Picard (Chief Scientist at France’s Advanaced Track and Trace) and I submitted a paper for the World Economic Forum’s Global Enabling Trade Report 2012. The focus of the piece is the emergence of product-level supply chain risk management and the use of technology to address this emerging problem. Some highlights from the paper: […]

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