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Diversity in Silicon Valley: An Interview with VC Lisa Suennen of GE Ventures

The world of venture capital has, in recent years, captured the imagination of the general public through the stories coming out of Silicon Valley. However, the VC world has also drawn its share of criticism for its lack of diversity and even lack of social empathy, especially in the past year. As one of the

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Recent Read: Silicon Valley’s “Empathy Vacuum”

In case you missed it, check out Om Malik’s (founder of GigaOm and a partner at TrueVentures) New Yorker post on the lack of empathy in Silicon Valley.  Some excerpts: Silicon Valley’s biggest failing is not poor marketing of its products, or follow-through on promises, but, rather, the distinct lack of empathy for those whose

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FT: “Let’s get geeks into government”

Gillian Tett has a good piece on FT.com about Brett Goldstein, a former executive at OpenTable, who left the tech world for local government in Chicago out of a desire to get more involved socially. Notes Tett: Fifteen years ago, Brett Goldstein seemed to be just another tech entrepreneur. He was working as IT director of

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