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How Stable Is the Global Economy?

Amid all the noise coming out of Washington these days, it seems that the remarkable run of Western stock markets in 2017 has come to […]

PS: Trump’s Anachronistic Trade Strategy

In case you missed it, there is a good post on Project Syndicate by Richard Baldwin on the Trump team’s misreading of the unemployment problem. An […]

Mohamed El-Erian: “The Democratic Disruption of Finance”

Mohamed El-Erian has an insightful column on Project Syndicate in which he suggests that the technology-driven revolutions that have affected so many sectors are finally coming […]

Welcoming the “Circular Revolution”

  There is an interesting post by Frans van Houten (CEO of Royal Philips) on ProjectSyndicate on what he calls “The Circular Economy.” Van Houten […]

Hausmann: “The Specialization Myth”

Harvard’s Ricardo Hausmann has an interesting post on ProejctSyndicate in which he argues that urging developing countries to specialize is the wrong advice. His view […]

Project Syndicate: “Revoking America’s Exorbitant Privilege”

Jose Antonio Ocampo (Professor at Columbia and former Minister of Finance of Colombia) has a short, insightful post on the Project Syndicate website that touches on […]

Why The American Consumer Is Not OK

Stephen S. Roach, formerly of Morgan Stanley Asia and now at Yale’s Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, has a timely piece on Project Syndicate explaining […]

Should Germany Exit the Euro?

There is an interesting recent post on Project Syndicate by Hans-Werner Sinn, Professor of Economics at the University of Munich, commenting in George Soros’ call for […]