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Recent Read: “How Much Is Your Private Data Worth — and Who Should Own It?”

Don’t miss a good (short) take on ownership of personal information by Dylan Walsh on Stanford GSB Insights. Some highlights:   Data, like ideas, is […]

How Much Is Your Data Worth?

Someone sent me this infographic and it’s worth sharing:

Why Facebook can’t be fixed: Part 2

I recently wrote a post claiming that it’s not possible to fix Facebook’s serious, and dangerous, flaws by merely tweaking or adjusting the current business. […]

Why Facebook can’t be fixed: Part 1

It seems that Facebook has finally run into a scandal shocking enough to make at least some people question the point of being on their […]

FT: “Would you pay for an ethical search engine?”

Don’t miss Jonathan Margoli’s short FT piece on whether consumer would pay for a private search engine or e-mail service. I know I would… Some […]

The “Google Future” and the Rise of the Privacy Market

It’s been a while since my last post — I on spring break watching the Cyprus meltdown — but I’m back after reading an interesting […]