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Reward Firings, VORP Scores, Algorithm Bosses: Is the Future of Work an NFL Training Camp?

A few months ago I wrote a post about Uber where I explored what it’s like to work for an algorithm ( From the early indications, the view of this new world is not very positive. However, while Uber gets a lot of press, it’s important to note that it is not alone in this evolution to a […]

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The NFL’s Tax-Exempt Status Makes No Sense

Editor’s Note: I was recently a panelist in a discussion on the NFL League Office’s tax empt status. This is the piece on the panel by Fred Stokeld that was published in Tax News. November 6, 2014 Sports Leagues Don’t Need Tax Breaks, Panelists Say Fred Stokeld   Giving tax breaks and other financial help to sports leagues like the […]

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Sports Fans of the World, Unite!

Next month I will be participating in a panel discussion hosted by the DC Bar on the issue of the NFL’s tax-exempt status. In prepping for that event, I can across a good article on the growth in luxury seating in pro sports. The piece, written by Sean Dinces in the socialist magazine Jacobin, does a nice […]

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