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The Evolution of AI: Three Big Shifts

Karen Hao writes MIT’s “The Algorithm” newsletter, and in the latest edition she has some very interesting results of an analysis she completed of 16,625 AI research papers from the website arXiv. In her analysis she finds three major trends: “a shift toward machine learning during the late 1990s and early 2000s, a rise in […]

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Are We Running Out of Innovation?

I come across a lot of interesting writing in my work, but I have to note that one of the most thought-provoking scholarly pieces I have read recently is the working paper published earlier this year by Nicholas Bloom, Charles I. Jones, Michael Webb (all Stanford) and John Van Reenen (MIT). Their paper is entitled, Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find?, and both the question they pose […]

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MIT Just Changed Higher Education Forever — At Last

Yesterday MIT made a quiet announcement that could turn out to be a remarkable milestone in the history of modern higher education. MIT President L. Rafael Reif made the announcement, which is a sign that MIT itself knows how significant of a shift it has just made. As reported in the MIT Tech Review: MIT is taking […]

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