Economics, Science

Recent Read: “The Rise of Knowledge Economics”

The “Knowledge Economy” is a term we hear constantly, but it’s interesting that so little actual economics work has been done to date in this field. One person who is focused on this topic is Cesar Hidalgo who leads MIT’s Collective Learning Group. He recently wrote a blog post for Scientific American (The Rise of Knowledge Economics), […]

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Innovation, Strategy

What’s Disruptive Innovation? The Idea’s Creators Think Your Answer Is Probably Wrong.

The latest issue of the Harvard Business Review contains a very interesting debate currently taking place between Clayton M. Christensen, one of the originators (along with Joseph L. Bowers in a 1995 HBR article) of Disruption Theory  (“DT”), and some HBR readers. It’s actually quite a relevant discussion, since the concept of disruption has become such an ubiquitous and influential idea in business. Christensen’s (and his co-authors Michael […]

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Is There “Good” and “Bad” Ambiguity in Innovation?

One of the interesting aspects of my work is that I get to spend time speaking with people from different professions about the topic of innovation. In a recent discussion with a group of senior business executives in Chicago the topic of ambiguity arose, and it created a lively debate. The specific issue in question was what is the […]

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