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Bain Has Seen the Future of Labor and It’s Not Pretty

As we look around our world today, it’s easy to see many forces changing our economic and social models. We all know technology, income inequality and shifting political movements will create a world different from the one we have lived in for the past few decades. Analyzing each of these issues is difficult enough. Trying […]

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MIT: Algorithms Are Making American Inequality Worse

Don’t miss MIT Tech Review’s interview with political scientist Virginia Eubanks about her new book, Automating Inequality. Some highlights:   In Automating Inequality, author Virginia Eubanks argues that the poor are the testing ground for new technology that increases inequality. The book, out this week, starts with a history of American poorhouses, which dotted the […]

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Making the Case FOR Income Inequality

In a recent essay, writer and venture capitalist Paul Graham, laid out an interesting argument in favor of a certain type economic inequality. Since that is not a common position these days, it’s worth a moment to consider his point of view, which I believe is serious and valid. Graham’s argument has four basic points: Economic inequality comes in […]

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