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GDP@Risk: A New Metric Worth Noting

Last month, the Paris climate change accord became active, and already we are starting to see some interesting research developing as a consequence of that international initiative. One of the more insightful studies I have come across is a project conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. The research, sponsored by the insurer Lloyd’s, is an attempt to model

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It’s Time to Start Thinking About an “IMF of Weather”

Of all the forthcoming impacts of increasing climate volatility, the one that seems to be hitting the developed nations first is the topic of increased flooding and the severe impact this phenomenon is having on traditional flood insurance schemes. As the FT recently noted, when writing about the UK government’s pending decision to exclude homes

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Dawns Without Roosters? Making More Women Leaders

The June Issue of the IMF magazine “Finance and Development” features an interesting article by Rohini Pande and Petia Topalova discussing the results of a social experiment in India that exposed women to leadership positions in village politics. The authors note that in an effort to get more women into politics, the Indian government amended

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