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Recent Read: “Don’t Shun Conservative Professors”

In case you missed it, Arthur C. Brooks has a solid op-ed in the New York Time on academic intellectual freedom. Some highlights: These days, the news is full of sensational stories of violent campus mobs shutting down conservative speakers and freaked-out college administrators treating rioters with kid gloves. Such stories offer excellent fodder for critics who

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It’s Time to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

2015 was a tumultuous year for higher education, and I doubt 2016 will be much different. Higher education, especially in America, is going through the most dramatic evolution in its modern history, and we see those changes — pedagogical, cultural, financial — across campuses throughout this country. With the cost of college seemingly on an ever-in creasing trajectory,

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MIT Just Changed Higher Education Forever — At Last

Yesterday MIT made a quiet announcement that could turn out to be a remarkable milestone in the history of modern higher education. MIT President L. Rafael Reif made the announcement, which is a sign that MIT itself knows how significant of a shift it has just made. As reported in the MIT Tech Review: MIT is taking

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