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In Defense of HFT: “They’re good for price discovery.”

After all the negative press on HFT lately, at least one group of researchers, at the European Central Bank, has come out with a contrarian viewpoint. Their views were published in a working paper entitled “High Frequecy Trading and Price Discovery,” and here is their paper’s abstract: We examine empirically the role of high-frequency traders

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Recent Read: “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys is a short (I read it on a Seattle-DC flight), well-written, exasperating and flawed look into the world of High Frequency Trading (HFT). HFT, for those not familiar with the acronym, is the term used to describe trading that has two principal features. First of all, HFT is executed primarily by computer algorithms

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HFT Update: The Rise of the “Dark Pool”

A recent article by Scott Patterson on WSJ.com highlighted growing concern within the financial regulatory community about so-called “Dark Pool” exchanges. Dark pools are basically markets that match buyers and sellers of equities (typically though not necessarily in large blocks) anonymously and publish the trade results only after the fact. This WSJ Live video does

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