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Why Work Should Not Define You

I recently read HBR’s interesting interview with Herminia Ibarra, a professor at the London Business School, about the relationship between ourselves and our work. Reading through the professor’s comments […]

HBR: The First Wave of Corporate AI Is Doomed to Fail

There is a good, short, read by Kartik Hosanagar and Apoorv Saxena on hbr.com on why the first wave of AI efforts are bound to fail. Some highlights:   […]

HBR: How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You

Thought-provoking strategy piece on HBR.org is worth a read. Some highlights: To help business leaders better understand industry disruption, we developed an index that measures […]

HBR:”The New CEO Activists”

In case you missed it, there is a long and excellent analysis of the new CEO activities in the new HBR. Some highlights below:   […]

HBR: “Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust”

Just read a good short post on strategy as hypothesis on HBR.com by Amy Edmondson and Paul Verdin. Some highlights:   An alternative perspective on […]

Capital, Labor or Talent: Which One Are You?

It’s not often that you read an article about labor theory that really clarifies a wider economic issue, but Roger L. Martin’s recent piece in […]

Recent Read: “What BMW’s Corporate VC Offers That Regular Investors Can’t”

In case you missed it, HBR.com has a good piece on BMW’s “venture client” corporate VC model that’s worth the time to read. Some highlights: […]

HBR: Why You Can’t Just Tell a Company “Be More Like a Startup”

In case you missed it, HBR has a nice piece on how startups often skirt (or ignore) laws during their early stages of growth. Some […]

The Great De-Equitization Is On, But Is That A Good Thing?

Among all the talk of globalization and trade tariffs, a seismic shift in capitalism is taking place without, it seems, much public debate. Little by little, the […]

HBR: “Why Trump Doesn’t Tweet About Automation”

In case you missed it, Babson professor Thomas Davenport (author of Only Humans Need Apply, which I reviewed here), has a good piece on Trump […]