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Recent Read: “The Future of Leadership Development”

The latest issue of Harvard Business Review has a strong piece by Mihnea Moldoveanu (Professor, Rotman School of Management) and Das Narayandas (Professor, Harvard Business School) on the future of leadership education. Their thorough analysis lays out the major forces driving a profound transformation in the way leadership (and indeed many other subjects) is taught in the […]

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Why Work Should Not Define You

I recently read HBR’s interesting interview with Herminia Ibarra, a professor at the London Business School, about the relationship between ourselves and our work. Reading through the professor’s comments got me thinking about the way in which executives, especially American ones, often find it difficult to separate their personal and professional identities. In my work, I have seen many […]

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HBR: The First Wave of Corporate AI Is Doomed to Fail

There is a good, short, read by Kartik Hosanagar and Apoorv Saxena on on why the first wave of AI efforts are bound to fail. Some highlights:     We believe that a similar story of early failures leading to irrational retreats will occur with AI. Already, evidence suggests that early AI pilots are unlikely to produce the dramatic […]

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HBR: How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You

Thought-provoking strategy piece on is worth a read. Some highlights: To help business leaders better understand industry disruption, we developed an index that measures an industry’s current level of disruption as well as its susceptibility to future disruption. For the former, we examined the presence and market penetration of disruptor companies; we also considered […]

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HBR:”The New CEO Activists”

In case you missed it, there is a long and excellent analysis of the new CEO activities in the new HBR. Some highlights below:   The world is taking notice. CEO activism has gotten lots of media attention lately, and public relations firms are now building entire practices around it. While this phenomenon has largely […]

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Capital, Labor or Talent: Which One Are You?

It’s not often that you read an article about labor theory that really clarifies a wider economic issue, but Roger L. Martin’s recent piece in HBR on the NFL’s kneeling issue does just that. Martin argues that the reason the NFL owners have not pushed the players very hard to stop their protests, even though […]

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