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Harvard’s money managers get a (very) public scolding.

(Ed: This couldn’t be said in private?) The Urgency of the Present Sub-par endowment returns are one of the greatest threats to Harvard today By THE CRIMSON EDITORIAL BOARD September 28, 2016 Harvard faces numerous pressing issues: a suboptimal social scene, growing competition from other universities for talent, and critical challenges to diversity and inclusion. […]

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The Atlas of Economic Complexity

If you have not seen it yet, check out the Atlas of Economic Complexity at Harvard’s Center for International Development. From its website: The Atlas is used by investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, students and the general public to better understand the competitive landscape of countries around the globe. For any given country, The Atlas shows which […]

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Great Scientist ≠ Good at Math

There is a great short piece on E.O. Wilson, biologist and professor emeritus at Harvard. His little essay argues that kids who are not great at match should not automatically rule out a career in the sciences: Wilson makes an emotional case for general brilliance over mathematical prowess as the true key scientific discovery: […]

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