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The CIA Analytics Model: A New Take on How Analytics Creates Value

Anyone looking for things to read on analytics these days certainly has a lot to chose from. There seems to be no end to books and articles that explain or explore this topic. I am going to wade into this crowded space with my own view on a particular aspect of this issue, namely, how analytics-bases companies actually work, and, more importantly, create value in

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Google Will Force Us To Redefine Humanity (As Information)

I recently published a post about what I call the “Linn Effect,” which occurs when technological innovation creates more problems than it solves. That post came to mind as I thought about the latest challenge that Google is facing in Europe: giving people the ability to erase all or part of their digital history —

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The “Google Future” and the Rise of the Privacy Market

It’s been a while since my last post — I on spring break watching the Cyprus meltdown — but I’m back after reading an interesting piece by Evgeny Morozov in the April 5th FT. Mororoz makes the argument that as convenient as Google’s search technology is, the company’s vision for a privacy-freee future is not

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