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Recent Read: “Can lawyers learn to go home and get more sleep?”

There’s an intersting story by Emma Jacobs on FT about the stress and lack of work-life balance in the law profession. Some highlights:   Intense competition, long hours, new technology and highly ambitious employees all contribute to the pressure. Competition from US firms has prompted UK law firms to raise pay for junior associates, offering […]

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FT: How the US left the UK behind on aristocrats in power

Interesting commentary on about America’s aristocracy problem here Some highlights:   We think of America as having distinct mores from Britain — but there are traditions she retains, even after Britain has let go of them. Hunting with dogs was outlawed in Britain more than a decade ago. But on winter mornings in Maryland and […]

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Regulations, Society, Technology

FT: Big Tech should hit the reset button

In case you missed it, there is a good piece on on how tech companies are mis-managing the rising discontent with their power written by Rana Faroohar. Some highlights: The Fangs — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — are having a crisis that encompasses the cognitive, the political and the economic. Activists, regulators and even some […]

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FT: “Winners and losers in the sharing economy”

Good piece by Brooke Masters on FT about the strategic implications of the sharing economy. Some highlights: Streaming is at the forefront of a trend that threatens to upend a much wider range of industries. Technology-based groups are encouraging consumers to rethink their approach to everything from textbooks and party dresses to housing and transportation. […]

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Society, Technology

FT: “Would you pay for an ethical search engine?”

Don’t miss Jonathan Margoli’s short FT piece on whether consumer would pay for a private search engine or e-mail service. I know I would… Some highlights: I asked two of them if this liking was to their liking. The BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones appeared to “like” the New York Times. Is this so, I […]

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FT: “Stanley Fischer’s departure reveals weakness at the Fed”

There is an excellent analysis of Stanley Fischer’s departure from the Fed on Some highlights: The early resignation of Stanley Fischer, the Federal Reserve board vice-chairman, is a reminder that the coming turnover in the Fed’s leadership is unprecedented in speed and scale. For all the attacks on the Fed since 2008 nothing has […]

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FT: America Has Chosen To Be Normal (Again)

For those of you who missed it, Robert Kagan of Brookings wrote an interesting piece in the FT recently, arguing that in electing Donal Trump American has chosen to abandon its global role and to become a “normal” country. In his view, normal simply means a nation more focused on its own interests that in maintaining a global […]

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