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FT: The Insanity Lives On

In case you missed it, check out Gilian Tett’s intreresting recap of the state of the financial world five years after the meltdown. Given the carnage that the Great Recession has left in its wake, one would expect that the financial work would be quite different half-a-decade later. Not, notes Tett, who points the following […]

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An Hour With A CEO? Sure. Amex or Visa?

As if the financial service world did not have enough dirty laundry, the FT recently put some more rags in the basket. A piece today by Steve Johnson notes that brokers routinely sell access to the heads of some of their corporate clients to hedge fund managers and other interested parties, usually without the CEO […]

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Does Investing = Gambling

There is an interesting piece by Lucy Kellaway on that describes a little-noted population in London’s financial community: compulsive gamblers. Kellaway writes about brokers who often gamble during work and certainly afterwards and the toll it sometimes takes on lives and marriages.She notes that no one really understands just how wide-spread this problem is since […]

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