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Social Media’s PIHO Problem

Earlier this year I wrote two posts on why Facebook “can’t be fixed” so long as its current business model remains in place. In my […]

Recent Read: “How Much Is Your Private Data Worth — and Who Should Own It?”

Don’t miss a good (short) take on ownership of personal information by Dylan Walsh on Stanford GSB Insights. Some highlights:   Data, like ideas, is […]

Why Facebook can’t be fixed: Part 2

I recently wrote a post claiming that it’s not possible to fix Facebook’s serious, and dangerous, flaws by merely tweaking or adjusting the current business. […]


I wrote last week that Facebook can’t be fixed, and though I was not alone in voicing that sentiment it looks like the brands feel […]

Why Facebook can’t be fixed: Part 1

It seems that Facebook has finally run into a scandal shocking enough to make at least some people question the point of being on their […]

Should London Change How We Think About Free Speech Online?

Last week terrorists once again attacked the people of London. Lives were shattered and lost yet again, and as such the nation’s leadership was forced […]

Advertisers Pull Plug on Facebook Ads

So the (pretty much) inevitable happened today when several major companies pulled their campaigns from Facebook after the offensive images appeared next to their adverts. […]