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FT: The Euro Crisis Is Still There

Gideon Rachman is sounding the warning bell on FT over the fragility of the Euro recovery plan. Recalling the European Central Bank President’s now-famous statement of support, Rachman warns that the crisis is still there, just buried beneath a surface of nice words and hopeful thoughts. Notes Rachman: “Whatever it takes.” Mario Draghi’s declaration that he would

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Should Germany Exit the Euro?

There is an interesting recent post on Project Syndicate by Hans-Werner Sinn, Professor of Economics at the University of Munich, commenting in George Soros’ call for Germany to “lead or leave” the European Union. Prof. Sinn makes the point that “many investors echo Soros. They want to cut and run – to unload their toxic paper

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Time for a Parallel Currency for Europe’s Winners?

Interesting piece in FT today by Jillian Tett about musings in Finland over running a parallel currency. Notes the FT: In the past couple of years, as the eurozone woes have unfolded, international investors have been transfixed by one small country on the edge of the region: Greece. They would do well to keep watching another

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