Brazil and the Impact of Economic Risk Cost

The headlines have been full of stories of the recent rioting in big cities across Brazil in the past week. Some estimates say that over one million people have taken to the streets to protest government corruption. They also claim to be upset over the way in which the Brazilian government found ways to spend […]

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US-China Cost Convergence: Getting Closer

Mark Muro has an interesting post on where he discusses some new data suggesting that US-China manufacturing cost convergence is happening, at least in some sectors. Notes Muro: A new paper just published in the Journal of Power Sources contains new information about the global advanced battery manufacturing industry derived some fresh reporting: the authors’ face-to-face interviews with […]

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Calculating the True Cost of Risk

On Dec 5 the Wall St Journal ran an an interesting piece about an attempt by some academics to calculate the cost to the economy of the uncertainty in government policy. As the Journal notes: With the election over, the focus is back on figuring out just how much uncertainty actually hurts an economy. It […]

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