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US-China Cost Convergence: Getting Closer

Mark Muro has an interesting post on Brookings.com where he discusses some new data suggesting that US-China manufacturing cost convergence is happening, at least in […]

China Warning Signs Continue

FT runs story on continuing slow down in China metals and mining, which marks to what I am seeing across the board in my client […]

FT: Toyota Cuts Production Headed to China

FT notes today that Toyota is cutting volumes headed into China due to unrest:   “Toyota Motor is cutting production of vehicles for the Chinese market […]

Foxconn Riot Part 2

More on Foxconn riot in today’s NYT:   “Labor unrest in Taiyuan, in northern China’s Shanxi province, comes as strikes and other worker protests appear […]

Labor Unrest in China: The Rubber Band Stretches

Does a labor time bomb lurk beneath the surface of the glossy new millionaires in China? See this interesting note in Slate today about the […]