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Recent Read: “The Chinese century is well under way”

Don’t miss this interesting (and brief) analysis of China’s undisputed global influence from The Economist. Some highlights:   There is one economic metric on which China […]

WaPo: China and India have 70 million more men than women. The consequences are far-reaching.

Don’t miss an outstanding set of articles by Simon Denyer and Annie Gowen in WaPo about the consequences of longstanding bias against female babies in China and India. This […]


Don’t miss Mara Hvistendah’s excellent piece on China’s Zhima social credit system on WIRED. Some highlights:   If you live in the United States, you […]

Orwell’s Past is China’s Future — and Maybe Ours

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” ― George Orwell, 1984   Tucked among all the news stories lat month was a remarkable […]

PS: On the International Misrule of Law

Interesting post by Brhama Chellaney (Professor of Strategic Studies at the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research) on ProjectSyndicate.com about the similarities in how China and […]

FT: Chinese Power and the Olympic Curse

There is an excellent new article by Jamil Anderlini on FT.com about the outlook for China’s Communist Party, one highlight of which is the noting […]

Recent Read: “Wealth and Power: China’s Long March To the Twenty-First Century”

At a time when it seems every week brings a new book analyzing China’s rise, Wealth and Power (Random House, 2013) by Orville Schell (Arthur Ross […]

The Puppet Masters Send a Message – Again

Simon Zadek has an interesting piece over on Project Syndicate, where he notes the increasingly active role Chinese regulators are playing in curbing “excesses” in […]

The Lure of Quanxi: East and West

The Economist posted an interesting small piece yesterday about the current investigation of US bank’s hiring of Chinese “princelings” in their China offices. Of course, […]

Is Total Credit the Best Leading Indicator of a Crisis?

CFO.com posted an interesting piece by Vincent Ryan that recaps the results of a new study by a researcher at the Bank for International Settlements […]