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Recent Read: The Horrible Fantasy of Brexit

Don’t miss Scottish author William Boyd’s scathing remorse on the futility of Brexit in Le Monde. Some highlights below.   The Brexit problem, however, is an old one and goes back many decades. It’s to do with a particular cast of mind, a pervasive fantasy of England and the English (rather than Britain and the […]

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Prospect: “How I learnt to loathe England”

Prospect magazine has a devastating op-ed by Joris Luyendijk on his experience as a Dutchman living in the U.K. during the time of Brexit. It’s well worth a read. Some highlights:  The Dutch and the British have a lot in common, at first sight. Sea-faring nations with a long and guilty history of colonial occupation […]

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Brexiters’ Remorse and the Complex Logic of Failure

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”  — Sophocles One of the more fascinating Brexit phenomenon I have been following is the petition to re-hold the stay/leave vote, which is now approaching four million signatures. As this number increases  —  and irrespective of what was the right choice in this case  — I wonder how many people on […]

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