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HBR: The First Wave of Corporate AI Is Doomed to Fail

There is a good, short, read by Kartik Hosanagar and Apoorv Saxena on hbr.com on why the first wave of AI efforts are bound to fail. Some highlights:     We believe that a similar story of early failures leading to irrational retreats will occur with AI. Already, evidence suggests that early AI pilots are unlikely to produce the dramatic

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It’s Time to Put The Credit Bureaus Out of Business

Like 142.9+ million other U.S. consumers, my data was stolen from Equifax’s computers recently. Having been the (thankfully brief) victim of identify theft years ago, I can only hope that we all don’t suffer too much from Equifax’s carelessness with our data. As so many other commentators have noted, they have only one job to

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Recent Read: The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

Excellent piece on MIT Tech Review about how deep learning works. Some excerpts: Already, mathematical models are being used to help determine who makes parole, who’s approved for a loan, and who gets hired for a job. If you could get access to these mathematical models, it would be possible to understand their reasoning. But banks,

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“Only Humans Need Apply”: A Stimulating Look Into the Future of Work

Over the course of 2016, one of the most interesting debates I have been having with World 50 members and outside experts has been about the speed and impact of automation on our workplace in the coming years. While some executives see automation as a normal evolution of technology, others think that what is happening today is a different and that we

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