China Risk: Which Lane Are You On?

At a recent meeting, a senior executive at a major global brand asked me what other companies are doing about “China risk” these days. This morning, I came across a […]

WEF Publishes New Global SC Risk Report

The World Economic Forum’s Risk Response Network has just published a new study which Accenture helped prepare. The Executive Summary is below: Global supply chains and transport networks form the […]

SC Risk and Shareholder Value: The Conversation Begins

A recent piece on by Peter S. Green notes a fascinating new line of inquiry some investment managers are starting to take. Notes the piece: Jonas Kron is worried […]

The Risk-Price Trade-off

On Saturday the NY Times ran a short piece by Thomas Fuller about the floods in Thailand and the impact they are having on global Hard Disk Drive (HDD) availability.(1) […]

Too Much Manufacturing Risk?

There was an interesting piece on by Jonathan Soble on Jan 4th on the role of manufacturing in Japan. While the US bemoans that not enough is made here, […]

The Changing Role of Hedging in Sourcing

A few years ago, the number of Sourcing organizations that had a serious focus on hedging to deal with risk were few and far between. Outside of some specific  industries […]

The #1 Global Risk of 2011 Is Sticking Around

Late in 2011, Lloyd’s published a survey of global risk that outlined the major risk concerns of business executives around the world. I found the #1 risk on the survey, […]

The Risk of Too Many Choices

Looking back at 2011 one of the most remarkable stories has been the continued decline of Research in Motion (RIM). A recent NY Times piece speculated that perhaps some of […]

Risk Metrics: Value at Risk (VaR) Models in SCM

One of the more contentious debates in finance over the last couple of decades has centered on the value of what are known as Value at Risk or”VaR” models. Indeed, […]

“System D” and Global Supply Chain Risk

Back in January 2011 Wired Magazine ran an outstanding piece by Robert Capps, in which he interviews the journalist Robert Neuwirth about his book, Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise […]