Beyond the Physical World in Procurement Risk Management

It is unusual to scan across a magazine or web site dedicated to supply chain and not find at least one article focused on risk management. However, the great majority […]

Risk Metrics: VoR (Velocity of Risk) in Managing SC Risk

VoR, or Velocity of Risk, is a concept that appears now and again and discussions of risk management. The basic concept is that in addition to the impact of a […]

For Operations Risk, It’s the Neon Swan That Matters Most

A frequent question I get asked is “how do I prepare against black swans?” Ever since Nassin Nicholas Taleb’s “The Black Swan,” this is a topic that comes up frequently […]

Enron 10 Years Later (Part 2): The Original Fortune Article

Is Enron Overpriced? In March 2001, FORTUNE pointed out that Enron’s financial statements were nearly impenetrable. January 19, 2006: 11:34 AM EST EDITOR’S NOTE – Remember when it seemed outrageous […]

Credibility Theory and Supply Chain Risk

At the forefront of the SC quant world today is the creation of new ways of thinking about SC risk that go beyond the protection of physical assets, which has […]

Where The Bribes Are

Fascinating new interactive graft from James Mintz Group: Now we know where it’s all going….

“Sprinkling”: Supply Risk Goes Mainstream

US Senator Carl Levin recently sounded the alarm bell about “sprinkling,” which is the practice of mixing counterfeit parts with real ones. An excerpt from the AP article on the […]

Enron: 10 Years Later

The Nov 8th issue of Energy Risk has an interesting commentary by Stella Farrington noting the 10th anniversary of the Enron collapse. Perhaps the most interesting point she makes is […]

The Rise of SCM Quants: How Finance and Risk Management are Transforming Supply Chain Strategy and Execution

Link to my 2010 paper on applying finance and risk to SCM:X-SCM SC Risk Engineering Chapter_Alvarenga_2010

Core Competency 2.0: The Case for Outsourcing in SCM

A link to my 2010 paper on the case for outsourcing supply chain analytics: Alvarenga_SCM Outsourcing_2010.