WEF Publishes New Global SC Risk Report

The World Economic Forum’s Risk Response Network has just published a new study which Accenture helped prepare. The Executive Summary is below: Global supply chains and transport networks form the backbone of the global economy, fuelling trade, consumption and economic growth. Trends such as globalization, lean processes and the geographical concentration of production have made

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SC Risk and Shareholder Value: The Conversation Begins

A recent piece on Bloomberg.com by Peter S. Green notes a fascinating new line of inquiry some investment managers are starting to take. Notes the piece: Jonas Kron is worried about water. The investment adviser at Trillium Asset Management, a $900 million fund manager that focuses on environmentally sustainable investment, fears the world’s dwindling supply of fresh water is

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The Changing Role of Hedging in Sourcing

A few years ago, the number of Sourcing organizations that had a serious focus on hedging to deal with risk were few and far between. Outside of some specific  industries with a traditional dependence on commodities, few CPO’s were actively sponsoring the development of sophisticated financial risk management teams within their portfolio of responsibilities. A

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