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MIT: Algorithms Are Making American Inequality Worse

Don’t miss MIT Tech Review’s interview with political scientist Virginia Eubanks about her new book, Automating Inequality. Some highlights:   In Automating Inequality, author Virginia […]

HBR: The First Wave of Corporate AI Is Doomed to Fail

There is a good, short, read by Kartik Hosanagar and Apoorv Saxena on on why the first wave of AI efforts are bound to fail. Some highlights:   […]

FT: Big Tech should hit the reset button

In case you missed it, there is a good piece on on how tech companies are mis-managing the rising discontent with their power written by Rana […]

Cross-Device Tracking Makes Our Online History the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Like many of you, my company had a Holiday Party, and about two weeks before the happy event my wife was on line shopping for […]

The Algorithm Manager Is Here. Artificial Empathy Is Next.

Last year I wrote a post about a future in which work is dominated more and more by non-human agents. To accompany the article I […]

Quartz: “Why is there no Nobel Prize in technology?”

Angus Hervey has a great post on Quartz on why there should be a Nobel Prize for tech. I could not agree more. Some highlights: […]

FT: “Would you pay for an ethical search engine?”

Don’t miss Jonathan Margoli’s short FT piece on whether consumer would pay for a private search engine or e-mail service. I know I would… Some […]

It’s Time to Put The Credit Bureaus Out of Business

Like 142.9+ million other U.S. consumers, my data was stolen from Equifax’s computers recently. Having been the (thankfully brief) victim of identify theft years ago, […]

Recent Read: “Investors Go Where Trump Won’t: To Immigrant Entrepreneurs”

Good MIT Tech Review post on VCs focused on immigrant founders. I know the CEO of one of the VCs mentioned and can attest not […]

Recent Read: “What is a robot?”

There is an interesting video/post on on what does it mean to call something a “robot”? Some highlights: “I would say that a robot […]