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Innovation In Action Series #4: The Innovation Value Model

In past posts in this series I addressed briefly some of the most critical issues corporates should think about when starting an external innovation effort that will focus on startups. In this last post, I address the issue of value creation, which is perhaps the least understood and least defined aspect of most corporate venturing projects at their outset.

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Brexiters’ Remorse and the Complex Logic of Failure

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.”  — Sophocles One of the more fascinating Brexit phenomenon I have been following is the petition to re-hold the stay/leave vote, which is now approaching four million signatures. As this number increases  —  and irrespective of what was the right choice in this case  — I wonder how many people on

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Innovation In Action Series #1: Setting The Innovation Agenda

In my work, I am involved in many discussions with executives on the topic of open innovation in a corporate environment. Across those discussions, certain themes have emerged that highlight to me the different challenges that corporate innovators face from those facing startup leaders. I have also noted that while a lot of articles are aimed at those innovating within

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What’s Disruptive Innovation? The Idea’s Creators Think Your Answer Is Probably Wrong.

The latest issue of the Harvard Business Review contains a very interesting debate currently taking place between Clayton M. Christensen, one of the originators (along with Joseph L. Bowers in a 1995 HBR article) of Disruption Theory  (“DT”), and some HBR readers. It’s actually quite a relevant discussion, since the concept of disruption has become such an ubiquitous and influential idea in business. Christensen’s (and his co-authors Michael

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I just posted a new piece on on SC Risk. It’s a short summary of my point of view on how SCRM needs to change its approach radically. Read full post here:

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