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Is a Lottery the Way to Fix Politics?

Alexander Guerrero of U Penn makes an interesting proposal in a recent article in Aeon Magazine. It’s time, he argues, to move the U.S. legislative selection process to a lottery-based system. Today’s money-driven model has become so corrupted, he argues, that only the introduction of a randomness element to the selection process can re-establish some […]

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Welcoming the “Circular Revolution”

  There is an interesting post by Frans van Houten (CEO of Royal Philips) on ProjectSyndicate on what he calls “The Circular Economy.” Van Houten makes the point that the world has to move from a “linear” economy in which products are produced, consumed and then discarded to a circular model in which the full […]

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Schiller: “The Financial Fire Next Time”

There’s a good post by Robert Schiller on ProjectSyndicate on the failure, since the financial crisis, to evolve markets to prevent another crisis. Schiller, who is a long-time advocate of expanding creative risk management options in areas such as income protection and housing, (a position I wholeheartedly support) is critical of regulators’ inability to develop […]

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The Swiss Point Out What’s Good About the BIG

I have been struck by the global reaction to the Swiss referendum on giving a basic income guarantee (“BIG”) to every Swiss citizen. The proposal, which would guarantee the modes sum of about $2800 to every citizen, has generated a flurry of articles in the UK and US, most of them favorable. Interestingly, a lot […]

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FT Interview: Bill Gates

FT has an excellent and in-depth interview with Bill Gates, which almost alone makes the annual subscription price worth it. An excerpt: The instinct to shake up the complacent and challenge the intellectually lazy doesn’t always win Gates friends. Putting his personal money and reputation on the line to eradicate a disease has also risked […]

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The Wealth Clock: What Does It Really Count?

I came across this interesting post by Ida Ince at Critical Legal Thinking about the “Wealth Clock”, which purports to display wealth distribution in Germany. Following in the traditions of the Doomesday and US National Debt clocks, the Wealth Clock, is an attempt by some “Ger­man trades uni­ons, aca­dem­ics, and mil­it­ants” to push the government into […]

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