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Why The American Consumer Is Not OK

Stephen S. Roach, formerly of Morgan Stanley Asia and now at Yale’s Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, has a timely piece on Project Syndicate explaining […]

Dawns Without Roosters? Making More Women Leaders

The June Issue of the IMF magazine “Finance and Development” features an interesting article by Rohini Pande and Petia Topalova discussing the results of a […]

Need a Kidney? There’s an App For That

Mike Lacher has an interesting post on the Timothy McSweeney blog, in which he presents an pitch for a new app that will allow you […]

Have Demographics Caught Up With the Catholic Church?

VOX blog has an interesting analysis of Catholic populations and the potential power shift signaled by the election of the first American Pope:

Product > Process, But For How Long?

There was an interesting post on the Project Syndicate blog recently about a new Oxfam effort to provide consumers transparency into how global food producers […]

The “Google Future” and the Rise of the Privacy Market

It’s been a while since my last post — I on spring break watching the Cyprus meltdown — but I’m back after reading an interesting […]

An Hour With A CEO? Sure. Amex or Visa?

As if the financial service world did not have enough dirty laundry, the FT recently put some more rags in the basket. A piece today […]

Recently Read: “Poor Economics” by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Ester Duflo

“Poor Economics” is required reading for anyone who cares about the poor and how to best structure aid to people who need economic help around […]

Can We Ever Put Time and Space Back Into Finance?

The VOX economics blog ran an good piece by Biagio Bosone on Jan 23 where he makes the case to slow down the current rush […]

Is the “10 Year Old Test” a valid way to measure value? has a piece today by Lucy Kellaway in which she argues, with tongue not so in cheek, that anyone who can’t explain his job […]