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Recent Read: “The Rise of Knowledge Economics”

The “Knowledge Economy” is a term we hear constantly, but it’s interesting that so little actual economics work has been done to date in this field. One person who is focused on this topic is Cesar Hidalgo who leads MIT’s Collective Learning Group. He recently wrote a blog post for Scientific American (The Rise of Knowledge Economics), […]

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Recent Read: “The Information War Is On. Are We Ready For It?”

Don’t miss this piece by Renee DiResta (Director of research at New Knowledge, and a Mozilla fellow on media, misinformation and trust) on Wired about the extent of the misinformation problem on the internet today. Some highlights:   But, ultimately, what the government—and the general public—is realizing is that while disinformation, misinformation, and social media hoaxes […]

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There’s No Such Thing As A “Data Scientist”

I recently came across an interesting thread on Quora entitled “What is a data scientist?” The thread had 85 responses, and while no consistent definition emerged, perhaps the most popular was a variation on this this tweet by Josh Wills: After reading all the replies, as well as some of the linked articles and blog posts on […]

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