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Eurasia Group’s 2018 Risk Watch List

Don’t miss Eurasia Group’s 2018 political risk outlook out now.  From the report’s intro: Let’s be honest: 2018 doesn’t feel good. Yes, markets are soaring […]

Should London Change How We Think About Free Speech Online?

Last week terrorists once again attacked the people of London. Lives were shattered and lost yet again, and as such the nation’s leadership was forced […]

GDP@Risk: A New Metric Worth Noting

Last month, the Paris climate change accord became active, and already we are starting to see some interesting research developing as a consequence of that international […]

A Quantitative Approach for Valuing and Managing Procurement Cost of Risk

One of the most debated topics today in procurement is the issue of risk. The majority of the articles and guidance given to Chief Procurement […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking About an “IMF of Weather”

Of all the forthcoming impacts of increasing climate volatility, the one that seems to be hitting the developed nations first is the topic of increased […]

One Year Later, The Deadliest Value Chain Continues

We have just passed the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh that killed over 1,00o garment workers. On the anniversary of […]

VOX: The Dollar Is Here to Stay

VOX has an interview of Viv Davies, author of The Dollar Trap: How the US dollar tightened its grip on global finance, by Eswar Prasad. Davies’ […]

Arian Foster Decides To Short Himself

There’s an interesting article on The Atlantic’s website about football star Arian Foster’s selling off a portion of his future income to a startup company called […]

EDHEC-Risk: Was the Crisis Financial?

On the 5th anniversary of the great meltdown of 2008, it’s not a bad time to re-read a 2012 article by Noël Amenc (Professor of Finance, […]

The Puppet Masters Send a Message – Again

Simon Zadek has an interesting piece over on Project Syndicate, where he notes the increasingly active role Chinese regulators are playing in curbing “excesses” in […]