Category: Regulations

HFT Update: The Rise of the “Dark Pool”

A recent article by Scott Patterson on highlighted growing concern within the financial regulatory community about so-called “Dark Pool” exchanges. Dark pools are basically […]

The Little Apple Circus Comes to Washington

It was fascinating to see Tim Cook of Apple testifying before Congress about how his company is not only America’s largest corporate tax payer but […]

An Hour With A CEO? Sure. Amex or Visa?

As if the financial service world did not have enough dirty laundry, the FT recently put some more rags in the basket. A piece today […]

Enhancing Transparency

The Nov 1 issue of Operational Risk & Regulation has an excellent commentary by its editor, Alexander Campbell. As a new year starts soon, Mr. […]

Enron 10 Years Later (Part 2): The Original Fortune Article

Is Enron Overpriced? In March 2001, FORTUNE pointed out that Enron’s financial statements were nearly impenetrable. January 19, 2006: 11:34 AM EST EDITOR’S NOTE – […]

Who Defines The Risk?

Read a piece this morning in Le Monde ( by the French philosopher Yves Charles Zarka. He writes about the failure of the governments in the […]