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Are Bank Regulations Creating New Risk Pools?

Lukas Becker, writing on, points out that the recent emphasis on “stress testing” banks, coupled with incoming leverage ratio requirements, are causing some banks, especially in Europe, […]

WSJ: FBI Looking Into High-Frequency Trading

Looks like the Feds have been reading all the worried stories about HFT after all. The WSJ reports that for the last year, the FBI […]

Risk In the Shadows

One sector of the financial world getting a lot off attention from economists these days is “shadow banking,” which is one term used to describe those financial […]

Schiller: “The Financial Fire Next Time”

There’s a good post by Robert Schiller on ProjectSyndicate on the failure, since the financial crisis, to evolve markets to prevent another crisis. Schiller, who […]

The Argument for Less Regulation and More Pre-Regulation

I came across a post on ResPublica from Adam Wildman which argues for regulators to consider shifting the regulatory debate away from the more/less paradigm […]

EDHEC-Risk: Was the Crisis Financial?

On the 5th anniversary of the great meltdown of 2008, it’s not a bad time to re-read a 2012 article by Noël Amenc (Professor of Finance, […]

FT: The Insanity Lives On

In case you missed it, check out Gilian Tett’s intreresting recap of the state of the financial world five years after the meltdown. Given the […]

The Lure of Quanxi: East and West

The Economist posted an interesting small piece yesterday about the current investigation of US bank’s hiring of Chinese “princelings” in their China offices. Of course, […]

Dark Pools, FINRA and the Observer-Expectancy Paradox

I wrote about Dark Pools back in June (, and how in this interesting corner of Wall Street traders can move large blocks of stock anonymously. […]

Is “Too Big To Fix” Driving Us Off Another Cliff?

John Plender has an interesting article on FT where he lays out the case that Europe and the UK has not really addressed the issues […]