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WSJ: Donald Trump May Find Leviathan Hard to Tame

Good article on WSJ on the challenges the new President may find in taming government regulations. An excerpt: Mr. Trump’s order could provide a powerful prod to […]

FT: “Deutsche Bank offers a tough lesson in risk”

Excellent piece on DB and banking sector risk by Martin Wolf in FT this week. The key points: All banks are weak, but some banks […]

Dump Your Broker: Why Your Senator Should Manage Your Portfolio

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about money in politics and just what kind of influence money buys in Washington. […]

Prosecute The Bankers, Not The Banks

DealBook ran an interesting piece by Peter J. Henning on Monday about the continued legal problems faced by major U.S. and European banks. It seems that all […]

Michigan Just Chose the Wrong Side of History

In case you missed it, the WSJ had a pretty rough editorial yesterday correctly blasting Michigan governor Rick Snyder for caving into the car dealer lobby […]

NY FED: It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of Wall Street

Regular readers of this blog know that I strongly believe that the U.S. has so far wasted the opportunity the last financial crisis gave us to […]

FTC: Tesla Has A Right To Sell Cars Directly

Bravo to the FTC for standing up for innovation and the right of consumers to decide if Tesla’s business model is right for them. I could not […]

Why Insider Trading Should be Legal

I came across an interesting article on NYT’s DealBook section the other day that documented the on-going appeal against insider trading convictions on behalf of two former […]

Bloomberg: “Flash Boys” Fallout Starts

Jim Brunsden has a note on Bloomberg today on the new European HFT regulations, inspired, he notes by Michael Lewis’ new book. An excerpt: European […]

Recent Read: “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys is a short (I read it on a Seattle-DC flight), well-written, exasperating and flawed look into the world of High Frequency Trading […]