Category: Mathematics

Recent Read: Geoffrey West’s “Scale” and the Physics of Corporate Life and Death

Recently, a colleague of mine recommended I read Scale, the new book by Santa Fe Institute physicist, Geoffrey West. At 448 pages, West’s book certainly does […]

Tomorrow’s Jobs Demand We Reinvent Mathematical Education Today

“In the future, there will be only two kinds of people: people who know math and people who work for them.” These words were said to me […]

Traffic Physics 101: “The Jamiton”

I came across a cool article on Nautilus on the phenomenon of phantom traffic jams, where people slow down and cause backups for no discernible reason. It […]

FT: The Perils of Big Data

Tim Hartford has a good piece on FT about the promise and perils of “Big Data” (Big Data: are we making a big mistake?). The […]

Currently Reading: “The Joy of X” by Steven Strogatz

“The Joy of X” is the kind of book a lot mathematicians probably could write but few ever do: it is a quick tour of […]