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Recent Read: Geoffrey West’s “Scale” and the Physics of Corporate Life and Death

Recently, a colleague of mine recommended I read Scale, the new book by Santa Fe Institute physicist, Geoffrey West. At 448 pages, West’s book certainly does its subject credit, and it will reward anyone who completes it with a wide-ranging and very interesting analysis of how systems as diverse as a human body and a giant

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Tomorrow’s Jobs Demand We Reinvent Mathematical Education Today

“In the future, there will be only two kinds of people: people who know math and people who work for them.” These words were said to me a few years ago by a colleague at Accenture, and they came back to mind as I looked over a presentation made by Dr. William Jaco, a mathematician at Oklahoma State University,

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Traffic Physics 101: “The Jamiton”

I came across a cool article on Nautilus on the phenomenon of phantom traffic jams, where people slow down and cause backups for no discernible reason. It turns out that the explanation for these event is fascinating. Moreover, as the author notes, these events are not just annoying, they can be dangerous. However, as the author notes: …phantom

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