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The Carrier-Trump Jobs Deal: Cynical Ploy, Strategic Hedge or Worrisome Signal?

As the dust settles over the deal that Carrier agreed to with Indiana, and the analysts weight in, one starts to get a preliminary sense of what the deal really means for Carrier workers and for the incoming Trump approach to business. Let’s look again at the specifics of the situation and the deal: Carrier, which is part of defense contracting

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Welcoming the “Circular Revolution”

  There is an interesting post by Frans van Houten (CEO of Royal Philips) on ProjectSyndicate on what he calls “The Circular Economy.” Van Houten makes the point that the world has to move from a “linear” economy in which products are produced, consumed and then discarded to a circular model in which the full

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Product > Process, But For How Long?

There was an interesting post on the Project Syndicate blog recently about a new Oxfam effort to provide consumers transparency into how global food producers create their products. “Oxfam,” notes the author Peter Singer, “launched a campaign called “Behind the Brands.” The goal is to assess the transparency of the world’s ten biggest food and beverage companies

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