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The Carrier-Trump Jobs Deal: Cynical Ploy, Strategic Hedge or Worrisome Signal?

As the dust settles over the deal that Carrier agreed to with Indiana, and the analysts weight in, one starts to get a preliminary sense of what […]

Audi and the Next Wave of Industrial Automation

There is a good post on the MIT Tech Review site about Audi production methods and the continuing evolution of robotic technology in manufacturing. It’s worth […]

Rethinking the Manufacturer With No Factories

I came across an interesting piece in the WSJ on the government potentially re-labeling companies that don’t actually make anything as “manufacturers.” That may seem […]

Welcoming the “Circular Revolution”

  There is an interesting post by Frans van Houten (CEO of Royal Philips) on ProjectSyndicate on what he calls “The Circular Economy.” Van Houten […]

Lessons Not Learned in Bangladesh

The NY Times reports that even after the horrible deaths of over 1,100 workers at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh two months ago, the […]

Product > Process, But For How Long?

There was an interesting post on the Project Syndicate blog recently about a new Oxfam effort to provide consumers transparency into how global food producers […]

The Return of the U.S. Manufacturer

Interesting piece in FT/Alpaville today by Lisa Pollack citing BOA/ML analysis of increasing strength of U.S. manufacturing sector. FT link: