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It’s Time to Talk About AI-Enabled Job Destruction

Last week Kevin Roose wrote an interesting piece on Davos and the reticence of most Western CEO’s to talk about their automation efforts and these efforts’ (very much intentional) elimination of human labor. The CEO’s at Davos, noted Roose, got very nervous when asked about AI-driven job destruction, so they prefer to use terms such as “the […]

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The Modern Workspace is a Mirror of Our Changing Conception of Capitalism

It’s not often that I come across great workspace insights in a conservative political journal, but that’s exactly what happened when I read Scott Beauchamp’s outstanding analysis of workspace history in the latest issue of American Affairs. Beauchamp’s well-written piece is an attempt to connect historical developments in workspace design with the changing conceptions of capitalism, and […]

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Is the American Middle Class Dead?

The term “middle class” is one heard and used all of the time, but rarely do we stop to question how that term is defined and whether that definition is really true. A recent Atlantic article by Caitlin Zaloom (Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University), does both of these things and her […]

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Like It Or Not, We (Almost) All Make Minimum Wage

I recently spent a few days with my best friend who happens to be a very successful surgeon. At dinner one night we got to talking about how medicine is changing and how his peers make much less than someone with the same profile did back in the 1990’s when he came out of medical […]

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NYT: “Thinking Outside the (Big) Box”

Interesting piece in NY Times on the attempt by MIT’s Zeynep Ton to change the  role of workers in retail and other industries. Excerpt: Ton, however, argues that workers are not merely a cost; they can be a source of profit — a major one. A better-paid, better-trained worker, she argues, will be more eager to […]

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