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Wharton: “Why Corrupt Executives Are Rarely Prosecuted”

Don’t miss a great Knowledge@Wharton interview with Jesse Eisinger on his new book, The Chickenshit Club. Some highlights: Jesse Eisinger: The Justice Department has lost the will and ability to prosecute top corporate executives. They focus on settlements with corporations for money, and I think this undermines justice in America. Knowledge@Wharton: They lost the will. That’s […]

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Harvard’s money managers get a (very) public scolding.

(Ed: This couldn’t be said in private?) The Urgency of the Present Sub-par endowment returns are one of the greatest threats to Harvard today By THE CRIMSON EDITORIAL BOARD September 28, 2016 Harvard faces numerous pressing issues: a suboptimal social scene, growing competition from other universities for talent, and critical challenges to diversity and inclusion. […]

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Innovation In Action Series #4: The Innovation Value Model

In past posts in this series I addressed briefly some of the most critical issues corporates should think about when starting an external innovation effort that will focus on startups. In this last post, I address the issue of value creation, which is perhaps the least understood and least defined aspect of most corporate venturing projects at their outset. […]

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Why Insider Trading Should be Legal

I came across an interesting article on NYT’s DealBook section the other day that documented the on-going appeal against insider trading convictions on behalf of two former hedge fund traders, Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson. The two men were prosecuted by the office of Preet Bharara’s, who has a perfect conviction record (80 for 80) in insider trading cases. DealBook notes […]

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Mohamed El-Erian: “The Democratic Disruption of Finance”

Mohamed El-Erian has an insightful column on Project Syndicate in which he suggests that the technology-driven revolutions that have affected so many sectors are finally coming to finance as well. After commenting on the most obvious example, Bitcoin, El-Erian notes the following: More promising examples, albeit less well-known, may be found in Internet-driven lending and borrowing clubs […]

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In Defense of HFT: “They’re good for price discovery.”

After all the negative press on HFT lately, at least one group of researchers, at the European Central Bank, has come out with a contrarian viewpoint. Their views were published in a working paper entitled “High Frequecy Trading and Price Discovery,” and here is their paper’s abstract: We examine empirically the role of high-frequency traders […]

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ZeroHedge: Everything You Need to Know About HFT

For those of you who are interested, ZeroHedge has an excellent “HFT 101” post. As the post notes, HFT has been around for quite a while in other, less extreme, forms: Ironically, while some form of HFT has been around for a long time, its true “potential” was first revealed in October 1987 with the […]

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