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Neurodiversity: We Need to Think Differently About People Who Think Differently

HBR has what I think is their first ever piece on the topic of neurodiversity as a competitive advantage.  I recently had the chance to speak with Rajesh Anandan, co-founder and […]

Harvard’s money managers get a (very) public scolding.

(Ed: This couldn’t be said in private?) The Urgency of the Present Sub-par endowment returns are one of the greatest threats to Harvard today By THE CRIMSON EDITORIAL BOARD September […]

It’s Time to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

2015 was a tumultuous year for higher education, and I doubt 2016 will be much different. Higher education, especially in America, is going through the most dramatic evolution in its modern history, and […]

MIT Just Changed Higher Education Forever — At Last

Yesterday MIT made a quiet announcement that could turn out to be a remarkable milestone in the history of modern higher education. MIT President L. Rafael Reif made the announcement, which […]

Tomorrow’s Jobs Demand We Reinvent Mathematical Education Today

“In the future, there will be only two kinds of people: people who know math and people who work for them.” These words were said to me a few years ago by […]

Are Our Best and Brightest Also Our Least Productive?

A second-year MBA student at a top-five business school recently wrote to me for advice about career choice and whether he should go into finance or management consulting. His ultimate goal, […]

No More eMBAs for China’s Political Elite

The FT ran a short but interesting piece today on the latest target of Xi Jinping’s dramatic anti-corruption campaign. The latest target is not fancy cars or expensive vacation homes. […]

Is A College Degree Still Worth It?

Dear Reconnomics readers, I’m back after a long summer break, and I’m kicking things off with a link to a new article on the NY Fed’s web site about the […]

Arian Foster Decides To Short Himself

There’s an interesting article on The Atlantic’s website about football star Arian Foster’s selling off a portion of his future income to a startup company called Fantex. As The Atlantic notes: […]

The Latest Derivative: Your Earnings Tomorrow for College Today

The New York Times ran a piece on July 3rd by Richard Pérez-Peña about a proposal working its way through the Oregon legislature that would allow students to attend college […]