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Recent Read: “College is a Racket”

The March 25th issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek had an interesting profile of Rebecca Kantar, the founder of startup Imbellus and a crusader to change the way educational systems measure potential and performance. A Harvard dropout, Kanter is convinced that today’s SAT and SCT regimens are deeply flawed, poor predictors of college performance and that higher-ed […]

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The Myth of the Meritocracy (Part 2)

Last month I wrote a post about the way in which people from privileged backgrounds often receive tremendous advantages, which are invisible to the outside world. Little did I know that my argument was about to get a very public boost by a national cheating scandal that once again shows just how much the rich and powerful […]

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Recent Read: “The Future of Leadership Development”

The latest issue of Harvard Business Review has a strong piece by Mihnea Moldoveanu (Professor, Rotman School of Management) and Das Narayandas (Professor, Harvard Business School) on the future of leadership education. Their thorough analysis lays out the major forces driving a profound transformation in the way leadership (and indeed many other subjects) is taught in the […]

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Making the Case Against A College Education

It’s not often that one comes across a passionate and well-argued case against higher education written by a university Professor, but that’s exactly what’s in the new issue of The Atlantic. Bryan Caplan, an economist at George Mason University, presents a scathing critique of the current college educational model, and his essay should be read […]

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Recent Read: “Don’t Shun Conservative Professors”

In case you missed it, Arthur C. Brooks has a solid op-ed in the New York Time on academic intellectual freedom. Some highlights: These days, the news is full of sensational stories of violent campus mobs shutting down conservative speakers and freaked-out college administrators treating rioters with kid gloves. Such stories offer excellent fodder for critics who […]

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Harvard’s money managers get a (very) public scolding.

(Ed: This couldn’t be said in private?) The Urgency of the Present Sub-par endowment returns are one of the greatest threats to Harvard today By THE CRIMSON EDITORIAL BOARD September 28, 2016 Harvard faces numerous pressing issues: a suboptimal social scene, growing competition from other universities for talent, and critical challenges to diversity and inclusion. […]

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