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FT: “Deutsche Bank offers a tough lesson in risk”

Excellent piece on DB and banking sector risk by Martin Wolf in FT this week. The key points: All banks are weak, but some banks […]

Prosecute The Bankers, Not The Banks

DealBook ran an interesting piece by Peter J. Henning on Monday about the continued legal problems faced by major U.S. and European banks. It seems that all […]

NY FED: It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of Wall Street

Regular readers of this blog know that I strongly believe that the U.S. has so far wasted the opportunity the last financial crisis gave us to […]

FT: “Mood on banking turns full circle”

FT has some good news for bankers: apparently, the storm in over and they can even “admit their profession at dinner parties these days” An […]

Is the Fed Santa or Grinch?

Continuing our Christmas theme, there’s a short piece by Amy Farber at on the NY Fed’s web page, which asks if the Fed is more […]

Project Syndicate: “Revoking America’s Exorbitant Privilege”

Jose Antonio Ocampo (Professor at Columbia and former Minister of Finance of Colombia) has a short, insightful post on the Project Syndicate website that touches on […]

The Lure of Quanxi: East and West

The Economist posted an interesting small piece yesterday about the current investigation of US bank’s hiring of Chinese “princelings” in their China offices. Of course, […]

SOMA: History and Analysis

The NY Fed has started an interesting series on its “System Open Market Account” (SOMA), which is basically the Fed’s open market portfolio.   As […]

Recent Read: “The Unwinding” by George Packer

Bottom line: American society is experiencing economic disintegration, driven by selfishness and a disregard for the fundamental rule of law. Rating: Must (if depressing) Read  […]

The $2 Trillion Round Trip? The Curious Case of the Fed Excess Reserve Rate

I recently came across a post on the “Dr. Econ” web page of the San Francisco Fed that discussed one of the most intriguing changes […]