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There’s No Such Thing As A “Data Scientist”

I recently came across an interesting thread on Quora entitled “What is a data scientist?” The thread had 85 responses, and while no consistent definition emerged, […]

The CIA Analytics Model: A New Take on How Analytics Creates Value

Anyone looking for things to read on analytics these days certainly has a lot to chose from. There seems to be no end to books and articles that explain […]

Google Will Force Us To Redefine Humanity (As Information)

I recently published a post about what I call the “Linn Effect,” which occurs when technological innovation creates more problems than it solves. That post […]

What’s Your Data Value? has an interesting interactive page where you can estimate the value of your personal data, based on several demographic characteristics. The calculator accompanies a […]

Have Demographics Caught Up With the Catholic Church?

VOX blog has an interesting analysis of Catholic populations and the potential power shift signaled by the election of the first American Pope:

Forecasting Weather Risk: The State of the Art Moves Forward

There may be no more common external risk facing SC managers today than weather risk. Up and down the value chain, producers, processers and retailers […]

Core Competency 2.0: The Case for Outsourcing in SCM

A link to my 2010 paper on the case for outsourcing supply chain analytics: Alvarenga_SCM Outsourcing_2010.