Author: Carlos Alvarenga

It’s Time to Put The Credit Bureaus Out of Business

Like 142.9+ million other U.S. consumers, my data was stolen from Equifax’s computers recently. Having been the (thankfully brief) victim of identify theft years ago, I can only hope that we all don’t suffer too much from Equifax’s carelessness with our data. As so many other commentators have noted, they have only one job to

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Recent Read: “Don’t Shun Conservative Professors”

In case you missed it, Arthur C. Brooks has a solid op-ed in the New York Time on academic intellectual freedom. Some highlights: These days, the news is full of sensational stories of violent campus mobs shutting down conservative speakers and freaked-out college administrators treating rioters with kid gloves. Such stories offer excellent fodder for critics who

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The W: A Weekly Reading List

In this week’s edition… the dream of nationless cities at sea…why Americans should learn the Chinese way… the lonely future of buying stuff…how science is unlocking the secrets of addiction…cinematography is finally capturing all shades…and more. Have a great weekend!   Business & Economics Investors Prefer It When Corporations Are Specific about the Risk They

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FT: “Stanley Fischer’s departure reveals weakness at the Fed”

There is an excellent analysis of Stanley Fischer’s departure from the Fed on Some highlights: The early resignation of Stanley Fischer, the Federal Reserve board vice-chairman, is a reminder that the coming turnover in the Fed’s leadership is unprecedented in speed and scale. For all the attacks on the Fed since 2008 nothing has

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Recent Read: “Investors Go Where Trump Won’t: To Immigrant Entrepreneurs”

Good MIT Tech Review post on VCs focused on immigrant founders. I know the CEO of one of the VCs mentioned and can attest not just to a solid vision but also a clear business focus. Some key points: These are tense times for foreigners who want to live and work in the U.S., due

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