Recent Read: “The Chinese century is well under way”

Don’t miss this interesting (and brief) analysis of China’s undisputed global influence from The Economist. Some highlights:   There is one economic metric on which China already ranks first. Measured at market exchange rates, China’s GDP is still 40% smaller than America’s. However, on a purchasing-power-parity (PPP) basis, which adjusts currencies so that a basket of […]

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The Reconnomics Weekend Reads

Each week, I share ten of the most interesting articles from the past seven days. Here is this week’s selection. Enjoy!   1. How an Apparent Saudi Hit Job Has Shaken the World Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman asserted in an interview with Bloomberg that Khashoggi had left the consulate after just a short […]

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Like It Or Not, We (Almost) All Make Minimum Wage

I recently spent a few days with my best friend who happens to be a very successful surgeon. At dinner one night we got to talking about how medicine is changing and how his peers make much less than someone with the same profile did back in the 1990’s when he came out of medical […]

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Organizational Agility: An Optionality Perspective

Few terms generate as much debate in c-suites right now as Agile and agility. It seems that every week I find myself talking about this concept with an executive who wants to understand what these terms mean and what real value they can bring to a global organization. In some part this level of interest […]

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