A Visual Guide To Global Export Earnings

If you have not seen it, check out this fascinating map created by Simran Khosla at GlobalPost. The map shows which exports make the most money for each mapped nation.

Image Source: GlobalPost
Image Source: GlobalPost

Unsurprisingly, Kohsla notes, “much of the world runs on oil, particularly the Middle East and Central Asia.” What’s interesting though, claims Khosla, is that “Europe is the world’s workshop, where most of the machinery and motor vehicles are made, from optical instruments to BMWs. Latin America brings a blend of food products and oil to the trading table. Asia is the world’s manufacturing center, where the world’s clothing, wood products, and semiconductors are made. Africa is extremely rich in natural resources, particularly precious metals and oil. A substantial part of the continent makes its money on diamonds, gold or oil.”


Check out the full map here:




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