Welcome to my new blog. As the title suggests, this will be a blog about global risk, finance and economics in the areas of supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, product development and the social trends that impact global business in general. In my roles at Accenture and Smith, I have the good fortune to see many of these forces at work up close and to speak with thinkers and executives are the forefront of these subjects.

The goal of the blog, as with my work at Accenture, is to merge the worlds of finance/risk with supply chain/operations. To that end, I hope this blog will be a way for operations leaders to learn how to apply financial theory and tools to financial and risk management challenges in global supply chains.

Carlos Alvarenga

Nov 20, 2011

Washington, DC

PS: For everyone who is always asking me, “What are you reading now?”, please see “Recent Reading.”

Carlos Alvarenga

Founder and CEO at KatalystNet and Adjunct Professor in the Logistics, Business and Public Policy Department at the University of Maryland’s Robert E. Smith School of Business.

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